Using Fluoroscopy To Treat Your Sports Injury

Using Fluoroscopy To Treat Your Sports Injury

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes fluoroscopy like this: 

“Fluoroscopy is a medical imaging test that uses an x-ray beam that passes continuously through the body to create an image. The image is projected on a monitor which allows doctors to see the movement of internal organs in real-time.” 

At Downtown Pain Management, Dr. Ron Ben-Mier doesn’t usually use fluoroscopy to look at your organs, but he does use it to treat certain sports injuries. Fluoroscopy allows him to see exactly how your joint is functioning — or malfunctioning — and, if you need an injection, it allows Dr. Ben Meir to be extraordinarily precise in delivering it. 

Fluoroscopy benefits

If you think of a regular x-ray as a snapshot and fluoroscopy as a video, you can begin to appreciate the benefits of fluoroscopy. For example, perhaps you’ve injured your knee playing basketball. It feels fine when you hold your leg in a certain position, but when you move, the pain is excruciating. 

An x-ray can show Dr. Ben-Meir what your joint looks like in each position, but fluoroscopy shows what happens as you move the joint. More importantly, if Dr. Ben-Meir needs to give you an injection to improve the function of your joint, he needs to deliver the medication exactly where it needs to be within your knee and fluoroscopy can guide him through that procedure. 

Fluoroscopy drawbacks

When you have a fluoroscopy procedure, just as when you have a regular x-ray, you’re being exposed to a certain amount of radiation. Fluoroscopy can result in relatively high doses of radiation, for some complex procedures. 

However, the risk posed by the radiation in fluoroscopy is quite small, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which says, “If the procedure is medically needed, the radiation risks are outweighed by the benefit to the patient. In fact, the radiation risk is usually far less than other risks not associated with radiation, such as anesthesia or sedation, or risks from the treatment itself.” 

Dr. Ben-Meir and our staff work to reduce any potential risk you may be exposed to. If you have questions about the potential drawbacks of any treatment, we’re happy to discuss your concerns. 

Sports injuries

When it comes to sports injuries, we understand that your concern is going to be getting back to the activity you enjoy. You want to heal quickly and completely so you can return to your active life. 

One of the reasons Dr. Ben-Meir suggests fluoroscopy for certain sports injuries is that the procedure allows him to deliver medication precisely to where your body needs it. That can help speed the healing process. 

If you have questions about fluoroscopy and your particular situation, schedule an appointment at Downtown Pain Management. We have two locations, one in Shrewsbury and one in Hoboken. 

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