Understanding Prolotherapy

Understanding Prolotherapy

Chronic pain changes your life and those changes are almost never for the better. Pain limits your movements, your hobbies, and eventually, it can even diminish your dreams. Too often, people with chronic pain don’t realize that there are many different approaches to treating pain. 

Dr. Ron Ben-Mier and his staff at Downtown Pain Management offer a wide variety of pain management services, and often our patients are surprised by the different treatment approaches to pain management that are available. One of the services we offer is prolotherapy

Prolotherapy explained

Prolotherapy isn’t a widely used treatment, and many of our patients haven’t heard of it. This cutting-edge therapy is minimally invasive, has few side effects, and can be successful even if other treatments haven’t been. 

When Dr. Ben-Meir administers prolotherapy, he injects an irritant into your problem area. That doesn’t sound good, does it? But, what he’s actually doing is creating a controlled injury, which stimulates your immune system in a targeted way. 

The irritant puts your body into healing mode and your immune system sends along cells whose jobs are to mend torn tissue, clot flowing blood, keep out infection, and so on. For example, if you have a tendon injury, Dr. Ben-Meir injects the irritant into the tendon, and it triggers your body’s immune response to an injury. 

Researchers are still trying to understand exactly how prolotherapy works, but it appears that the mild irritant triggers your immune system, which then gets to work on the underlying cause of your pain. Dr. Ben-Meier uses several different solutions to provide prolotherapy, depending on your condition and needs. 

The prolotherapy process

As you might have gathered, prolotherapy isn’t an instant fix. It takes time for your body to heal. You will likely need several injections over the course of several weeks. 

Once Dr. Ben-Meir examines you and determines which solution is likely to work best for you, he recommends a schedule and estimates the number of injections you may need. Most patients have injections every one to three weeks for as long as necessary. 

You may experience some swelling and stiffness at first. That’s your body responding to the therapy and should improve with time. 

Prolotherapy as a treatment

Prolotherapy isn’t a treatment for every pain syndrome. It works best for joint problems, such as TMJ, as well as for issues caused by joint dislocation, carpal tunnel syndrome, and some spine problems. 

If you are interested in learning more about prolotherapy and finding out if it could be a solution for your pain, schedule an appointment at Downtown Pain Management today. Our staff is always happy to answer questions, and prolotherapy may be a treatment approach that works for you. 

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